6 Reasons Why You Need To Have Entrance Mats At Every Front Door

They can be a beautiful way to welcome guests into your home. But, is their effectiveness more than aesthetics? Entrance mats not only look great but also protect your floor tiles, wood, or carpet from dirt and other harmful substances. Here are 6 reasons why entrance mats should be installed at every door in your home.

Protects Carpets From Mud Dirt And Water

One of the greatest benefits of having entrance mats at each entry to your home is encouraging your family and visitors, and keeping dirt and mud out of your home. As high as 75%, of dirt, and grime from carpet can be tracked through shoes. Although all types of foreign particles, dirt, dust, and even mud can gather on the soles or soles of shoes and make their way into carpet and tiled flooring, entrance mats will protect you from dirt and dust that may be brought into your home.

Protect Your Carpets Against Germs And Contaminants

Dirty, dust, or mud in your house is not only unattractive, but it can also cause germs, contaminants, and other disease-causing particles. These contaminants and germs can be lodged in the fibers and grout of your tile grout and need to be removed by a professional. Entrance mats work by removing dirt and grime layers from shoes. This helps to prevent germs from getting into your home.

Reduced Carpet Maintenance

If you have visitors who bring dirt and dust into your home, it is important to vacuum, spot, and deep cleans the carpets, tiles, and floorboards regularly to ensure a healthy environment. Professional tile and carpet cleaning are normally recommended at least twice a year. However, if your door is not protected by entrance mats, you may need professional floor cleaning up to 4 times a year.


One of the best benefits of installing Ultimate Mats in your home is improving safety and reducing the risk of falls and slips. Rainy weather can cause water to be tracked into your home. Additionally, tiles and hardwood floors can increase your risk of injury, slippage, and trip hazards. You can reduce the chance of falling by using entrance mats.

A Charming Welcome

Your home’s entrance mats are a great way to add style and elegance. They also provide added safety and cleanliness. Your entrance will look great and be welcomed by a mat that is attractively designed to match the style of the home.

Preserving Indoor Air Quality

These particles can cause indoor pollution by trapping chemicals, pesticides, dirt, and dust in shoes. Dust, chemicals, or contaminants can be sprayed on carpets and floors during vacuuming and regular traffic. This can increase indoor pollution and create allergies and asthma-related problems. These contaminants can then be caught by entrance mats, which will prevent their effects on the air quality inside your home. Entrance mats make it easier to feel at home. This looks attractive to every person that enters your home.